In our online smartshop you will find a large selection of top-quality psychedelics, energizers, euphoriants and magic mushroom grow kits. Smartshop X can help you to spice up your life by offering the most stimulating substances and coolest products on the market in Amsterdam. Our Smartshop is currently offering a wide selection of popular products such as Salvia extract, Magic truffles, feminized cannabis seeds, best brands of pocket-sized and mini vaporizers, sexual stimulants, herbs, best kratom, sclerotia and psilocybin growkits, female weed seeds, psilocybe cubensis mushrooms grow-kit and much more in our online shop. Smartshop X in Amsterdam adds new products on webshop every week and has a huge collection of smartshop products that will bring you a nice weekend for sure!

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Smartshop X is mainly known online smart shop from Amsterdam who sells only permitted products by Dutch local law like; psychedelics, stimulants, aphrodisiacs and empathogenen. The name smartshop comes from the so-called smart drugs, a group of herbs and nutritional supplements which purpose is to stimulate the cognitive abilities.

Have you always wanted to grow your own mushrooms? With the Magic mushroom grow kits from SmartshopX it is very easy to grow your own magic mushrooms. 

With our Magic Mushroom Grow Kits you'll be able to grow 400-600 grams of fresh shrooms at home within just a few weeks. Currently we offer 9 different Magic Mushroom Grow Kits of the Psilocybe cubensis mushroom (also known as 'The Mexican'). We’re not sure what coloured fingers you need (probably not green), but anyone can get a fantastic harvest of Magic Mushrooms with these grow kits. The kits contain everything you need – just add water and wait..

Buy your magic truffles online in our smartshop from Amsterdam. Magic truffles, also known as Sclerotia or psilocybin are a mild hallucinogenic natural product. They act on the consciousness giving a more intense conscious experience of the world and circumstances around. Many users find this experience wholesome and very valuable.

 It is important, though, to consider that taking Magic truffles may lead to a confrontation with yourself, allowing hidden emotions to come out in the forefront including feelings of fear, anguish or panic. In order to prevent such experiences it is advisable to use magic truffles only when you are feeling well and comfortable in trusted and familiar circumstances at home or in nature and in good company.

Cannabis seeds of SmartshopX are fine to use to grow your own marihuana plant and of course all feminized. Autoflower, Indoor and Outdoor seeds from famous brands are available in our online shop. The brands of marihuana seeds we sell are all leaders on seed markets in Holland. Many awards have been won with it and we were looking for the best for you to have an higher and quality yield. Cannabis Seeds are available for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. 

Buy original marihuana seeds online here! 

We have the best quality cannabis seeds of the world for sale directly from our online smartshop in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Most Popular Happy Caps
Happy Caps is a brand of herbal supplements that is a "must have" for every smartshop customer in Amsterdam. Every color in the Happy Caps pills has its own characteristics and can be categorized as an energizer, herbal xtc, aphrodisiac, relaxer, erotic stimulant or a mild psychedelic.
Buy original Happy Caps energizers online! 
We have the best quality Energizers of the world for sale directly from our online smartshop in Amsterdam.


Ayahuasca is a beverage from the Amazon region that consists of at least two herbs, which contains the entheogenic substance DMT, and the other an MAO inhibitor (Monoamine oxidase inhibitor). 

DMT is an endogenous substance which, like the mushrooms brings a strong visual and mystical experience trip trigger. DMT is non-toxic and non-addictive. When taken under the right circumstances, there is no danger to the physical or mental health. 

Smartshop X is the best online smartshop from Amsterdam who sells popular products like; Magic Mushrooms kit, Sexual Stimulants, Herbal Energizers, Sclerotia grow kits and much more smart products.
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Smartshops in the Netherlands previously sold synthetic substances under the Opium Act were not illegal then, including 2C-B, 4MTA and GHB was readily available at the smart shops until 1999. The most famous products of smart shops in Amsterdam are Magic truffles, Salvia divinorumsclerotia grow-kits, herbal stimulants, Mushroom grow kits and CactiWithin the prohibition on the sale of synthetic drugs that are not unambiguously permitted as food, dietary supplement or drug and is illegal in the Netherlands.

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