Buy your magic truffles online in our smartshop from Amsterdam. Magic truffles, also known as Sclerotia are a mild hallucinogenic natural product. They act on the consciousness giving a more intense conscious experience of the world and circumstances around. Many users find this experience wholesome and very valuable.

Psychedelic Magic Truffles

High quality magic truffles from Amsterdam

Shamantar Magic Truffles.

Magic truffles contain psilocybin, which generates a colourful and philosophical state of mind that lasts between 4 and 6 hours. In this category you'll find the most popular kinds of psychedelic truffles listed. Even a small amount of magic truffles could give you the best trip of your life. Magic truffles are not party drugs and are not intended for minors. 

Psilocybe Atlantis
Magic Truffles Mexicana
Mexicana Psilocybin



also known as Fruits of Utopia is our strongest truffle variety.

Powerfull visuals, Discovery, High laughter content and Aphrodisiac.

Not for beginners. 

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buy Psilocybe Tampanensis
Psilocybin Tampanensis
Magic Truffles Tampanensis shop



also known as Philosophers stones are more powerful than magic truffles Mexicana

Strong visuals, Highly funny, Mind twisting and Mental tricks 

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Psilocybe Mexicana
Psilocybin Mexicana
Mexicana magic truffles



gives you a very happy and energetic trip, and is the softest strain in our magic truffles collection.

Mild visual FX, Energetic, Funny and Euphoric Perfect for starters.

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Psilocybe Hollandia
Magic Truffles Hollandia
Magic Mushroom Hollandia



is comparable to the psilocybe Atlantis, but the visuals are even more powerful. 

New Magic Mushrooms,made in Holland!

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 It is important to consider that taking Magic truffles may lead to a confrontation with yourself, allowing hidden emotions to come out in the forefront including feelings of fear, anguish or panic. In order to prevent such experiences it is advisable to use magic truffles only when you are feeling well and comfortable in trusted and familiar circumstances at home or in nature and in good company.

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